Hi, I’m Scott Gould. I’m an author, speaker and consultant on the subject of engagement.

I look at the subject of engagement at a universal, human level. In other words, what are the common elements of engagement for people, whether as employees, customers, community members, users, students, friends, or family, and so on.

Formerly I was a church pastor, which is where I learned a lot about what engages people, especially at a deeper, heartfelt level and around things that are intangibles, such as belief, values and identity.

My approach

In 2017 I released my first book The Shape of Engagement, which puts forward a compilation of models to help people understanding and increase engagement.

As a speaker, I’m at about two events per month. My talks are energetic and insightful, and I’m proud to say, always rated as one of the top 3 talks at conferences.


As a consultant and advisor, I work with leaders and organisations across the world to increase their engagement with employees, users, customers and communities.

Engagement is something I’ve been curious about all my life, even back when I was building LEGO as a kid or building websites at 13 years old, but it’s been the specific focus of my thinking since 2009 (although I didn’t focus on the key word of engagement until 2015). It’s also led me down many paths in life, like a pilgrim I suppose. I addition to being a pastor, I also used to be an event producer, creative director, TV producer, web developer, and business owner, amongst other things.

Most fundamentally, my life has been greatly enriched by the people I’ve met, and it is my core belief that engaging more deeply with other people is really what the world needs right now.