The Three Skills of a Leader

Recently I was asked what I thought the three most important skills of leadership were. Typically, such responses are things like “vision” or maybe something

One Word That Drives Engagement

In 1977 psychologist Ellen Langer conducted what is now known as the Copy Machine Study. In it, researchers would cut in front of someone standing in

Point to the Bright Spots

The first stage of engagement is communication and messaging. You cannot engage with it: indeed, you cannot live with out! A big part of engagement

Producing Proof

My good friend Munya Hoto once told me that we live to produce proof. I like that. It means that we live to produce physical

Change Is the Essence of Growth

A note today about change. Change is the essence of growth. To not change – that is truly destructive. Change means we are fresh, focussing

What Nestlé Should Do, in 4 Steps

If you didn’t know, Nestlé have had a rough week, which I detailed yesterday. Today’s post is a continuation: What should Nestlé do now? It’s easy