How to Make Meaning

Yesterday we asked whether our brands are making meaning after examining the progression of brands from functional, to aspirational, and now to meaningful. Today: how

Your Brand: Is It Making Meaning?

Most brands don’t compel people. Today we’re going to look at shift in the consumer mindset that demands that brands who want to go somewhere

Steve Jobs on Apple and Value, in 1997

Has your brand lost power in an over-saturated market? With thanks to Trey Pennington, this short little video from Steve Jobs back in 1997 provides exceptional insight

Making It Matter

I engaged with the participants at IYCF 2010 is Pakistan this week, telling them to Scatter, Gather, Matter. Whilst I’ll be posting a video next

What Is the Real Asset?

In talking to some newspapers recently, I’ve started challenging people to think about what their real asset is. As information becomes more and more commoditised,