Hearing Without Listening

This week I met my friend Colin Smith for a coffee and a talk. In fact, I should say that I met him for a listen.

Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word

Once upon a time, a client of mine was going through a major change process. Things were rushed, communication wasn’t done right, words were misspoken,

One Word That Drives Engagement

In 1977 psychologist Ellen Langer conducted what is now known as the Copy Machine Study. In it, researchers would cut in front of someone standing in

Put Your Hand Up If

Here’s a quick sentence that is very good for encouraging people to become responders to, rather than just receivers of, your engagement, which is necessary to get

Point to the Bright Spots

The first stage of engagement is communication and messaging. You cannot engage with it: indeed, you cannot live with out! A big part of engagement

Chrysler Creates a Common Enemy

Never underestimate the power of having an enemy to unite people. And certainly never underestimate how much the underdog brings people together. Chrysler did this

How to Write SMART Emails

Perhaps the largest time suck in the world of emails is responding to emails to get more information. This is unfortunately because most people’s emails