My Regrets

I don’t have many regrets. (Although, maybe I should.) But whenever I work on my website at all, I have an overwhelming regret – that

My Values

On my journey to discover who I am, I have been thinking about my values. By codifying my values, I hope to have a list of

Focussing In

Some say that you should make your goals public, others say you shouldn’t. I probably sit on the keep-it-to-yourself end of the spectrum. But one goal

Where to Begin (again)

So, after pretty much 5 years of not writing on this blog (actually, I deleted it), I have painstakingly resurrected it and am now ready

I’m Nobody.

It’s true. It’s not just another mantra. It’s not just a controversial, attention grabbing line. The idea for Like Minds wasn’t really mine, it was

Confessions, Part 1

Last night Ruairi Fullam linked me to this post from ProBlogger, from May. As I read down the page, I got convicted by the following

Making Room for People

I, like many people, believed I knew everything when I was 16. And naturally, knowing everything meant that I needed no one, so meeting new

A Work in Progress

Yesterday was great fun. My post attracted plenty of heated debate and controversy, as well as some great discussion. But what stood out to me

You’ve Helped Me Find My Voice

Yesterday’s blog post received 1 comment. The author of this comment has been for the last three weeks almost without exception the first person to