It’s true. It’s not just another mantra. It’s not just a controversial, attention grabbing line.

The idea for Like Minds wasn’t really mine, it was Trey’s. The business model for Like Minds wasn’t really mine, it was Drew’s. The contacts, colleagues and friends that came – the majority of those 200 weren’t mine, they were yours. All the ideas, inspiration and information, certainly wasn’t mine – they came from Trey, Daren, Olivier and Maz.

The 500+ unique people that watched (average 70 concurrent) online, weren’t there because I announced it. The Twitterfall that brought fun, insight, and controversy wasn’t my making – it was, in particular, Nick Tadd and Vanessa Warwick who twitterscribed the whole thing. It certainly wasn’t me who wore a kilt – it was James. Neither was I part of this famous photo – that’s Maz and Daren’s thing. And as for whoever got Stephen Fry‘s attention to say hello – I can guarantee – it wasn’t me. In fact, even that photo above, wasn’t taken by me – obviously – but by Britt Warg.

Nor was the legendary ‘Social Media Guru‘ video made by me (despite my slip of the tongue), but by Markham Nolan. Nor was the facility run by me, but  by the wonderful people at Exeter Conference Centre. Nor did I fund the event, but it was with the help of our sponsors that we could do what we did.

Now, as the dust settles, and people call Like Minds a ‘movement’, ‘awesome’ and also an event that ‘under delivered’, it’s not me writing the blog posts, fuelling the discussion, and debating the issue of social media ROI, etc – it’s everyone listed here.

What, then, did I do?

I just brought passionate people together.

And I’m honoured that I could.