It’s Christmas. I’ve been celebrating all week with friends, family and new faces. The whole reason why we work so hard is to be able to first of all make a difference, and secondly to enjoy it. So I’m taking the time to do enjoy my labour.

Also, every Christmas my friends and I at The River Church have families and students over for Christmas lunch who are by themselves, or just want to be around more warmth than usual. I always come away having made new friendships and love being able to make Christmas happen for someone else.

If you’re overworked, not enjoying the fruit of your labour, or just caught in commercial Christmas stress, then please take some time out and get around the real cause for Christmas – giving to those who have none. I personally find that more refreshing than any amount of sleep.

You also need to get the rest, because in case you didn’t know, 2010 is going to rock. See that tree there? That’s the Christmas Tree at Bovey Castle – home to the Like Minds Summit in Feb 2010. It’s going to be amazing.

So, Merry Christmas, one and all. And let me repeat again that this is a time for giving to those who don’t have.