Sometimes I’m just stupid. I’ll be honest with you. So when it comes to Social Media integration and management, I like things to be clear and simple.

I just want to share this simple method we have at Aaron+Gould for managing client Social Media. Perhaps you can do something with it. These are our 6 classifications of social media engagement:

1. Indirect Positive Mention
2. Indirect Querying Mention
3. Indirect Negative Mention
4. Direct Positive Mention
5. Direct Querying Mention
6. Direct Negative Mention

When monitoring engagement (the first 3 are conversation about, the second 3 are conversation with), we can immedately act accordingly because we have protocols in our guidelines for what should be done under each circumstance.

One more thing: we see any engagement as an opportunity, not a threat, and our guidelines are all geared with this in mind.