bruce mars at Pexels

…Person to person

1. Say “hi, how are you?”

2. Talk about their favourite subject. And what is everyone’s favourite subject? Themselves – the things they love, they care about, that are meaningful to them. How? Ask questions – Scatter them! What questions? Questions about them based on what you notice and what you likely have in common. Why? Because commonality is the liquid gold of engagement. Gather around that commonality!

3. By connecting to them through things that you have in common, you experience a sense of unity with each other Now you can introduce something new to the conversation, and they are far more likely to receive it from you. You could make a request, introduce a new idea, make an offer for a service, or my favourite – make a friend. In other words, make the conversation matter!

…Leader to staff member

1. Do the same as above.

…Employee to customer

1. Do the same as above.

…Representative to community member

1. Do the same as above.

…Organisation to a group of people through mass communication (i.e. brand to customers, company to staff)

1. Do the same as above:

Built unity around what you and the people you are contacting share in common. (And, have a habit of regularly asking questions about what it means to them – show interest in those who are reading – provide a way for them to respond and engage back – and when they respond, respond in turn.)

And when you’ve done that, you can make your new request (as long as it’s fair within the context of our relationship).

…Because, yes:

Whether customer, employee, client, community member, friend, parent, enemy, lover… we are people first.

That’s why it’s all about people!