Being a kid I loved Lego. I rocked at it. The fact that using those bricks you could build what was in your imagination excited me, and today I am still excited by things that allow me to translate what is thought into reality.
In many ways life is like Lego. You piece together the bricks that you do have to form your building. You put your house, job, kids, car and annual leave together – and hey presto – that’s your life. But unlike Lego, you can’t tear it down and start over whenever you get bored.

You also don’t get given all the bricks in a nice shiny package, nor a manual instructing you how to put it all together to look like how it should do. The reality is this: you have to find the building blocks, and you have to learn how to build them.

But the biggest difference between life and Lego is this: when I built Lego as a kid, I did it all by myself. Life, however, is lived with other people.

You can stand on the shoulders of those around you. You peers, your parents, your pastors. You can read biographies and books and blogs. You can get their blueprints, their hindsight, their mistakes and successes.

Where are you finding your bricks?