I just read this line, which according to this tweet below, is from Chris Do:

I think this formula is an elegant summary of an idea that I first came across in the book, The Slight Edge. The premise of the book is that time is on your side, and will compound your efforts, as long as you are faithful to move towards your goal each day, as opposed to moving away from it (there is no neutral ground, as everything is in motion).

I have found great joy, personally, in knowing that if I am faithful to put in the effort, then time will do its part. I see time as being on my side now, not against me. Time is like a bank, with an incredibly high return rate – but only if you make deposits of effort every day.

In fact, looking at time and effort as two forces is how I measure someone’s engagement status in my Engagement Assessment. I talk about the right activity, and the right consistency – you of course need both!

So. Results = Time + Action. I like that. Thanks, Chris.