In a world where many are caught in a Catch 22, you have to wonder, what can we do with our collective Like Minds?

If we could convert our community into connections, I bet we’d find ourselves accomplishing things we never thought possible. I know that’s where I’m finding myself at the moment.

– What change could we make in the local community?
– What differences could we make for those living with tragically poor quality of life?
– What opportunities could we open for those who have none?
– What people could we connect together who could change the world?

So the question is, how are you leading the way with the connections you’ve made?

Photo courtesy of the stellar Benjamin Ellis.

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  • robglover

    Hi Scott, as always an insightful post.

    I hope the Exeter Like Minded community can come together in a meaningful way and take the cascade of great ideas that came out of Likeminds 2010 and turn them into small real-world connections that actually make the difference.

    @SurajGogoi is doing some great stuff with Exeter Twestival http://bit.ly/cq9oHO in a very short space in time.

    I hope that #tags can be re-ignited in Exeter and can make a difference locally – my thoughts are here http://bit.ly/cDPFXh

  • / Scott Gould


    You of course are one of those that builds rather than bulldozes.

    Have you registered for Twestival yet? There are very few registrations so far. Funny how much people talk about community but then don’t register.

    As for #tags – I do hope it gets up and running as well.

    We must get around to meeting!

  • robglover

    walk the walk rather than talk the talk – lol

    twestival – I’m trying to juggle my commitments on that night! I hope to be there – maybe late. (Does’nt stop a donation – fair point!)

    My feeling with #tags is probably like yours – it will only work if enough people come forward and make it work – we will see. Exeter needs action now not words if it is to become a Social City!

  • / Scott Gould

    Yep. Far too many people, for example, asking what Like Minds is doing for local businesses and then they do nothing.

    1. We’re doing loads of local business
    2. They’re doing nothing!