So I’m sat here at the Like Minds Summit reflecting over the last few days at Like Minds where we’ve played host to over 300 people, and I don’t know where to start.

First off, I’m not one to chest beat and bang my own drum (as much as Chris was telling me I should), so I’d rather you watched this incredible video put together by the always excellent Documentally.

I guess that main thing I want to say to everyone is what I’ve been saying for a little while now about Connections Over Community. Community support is great – but it only gets you so far. If you really want to do something, and achieve something, then you need to begin building connections out of that community.

The takeaway from Like Minds, then, is to go and pick up the phone, or send an email or a tweet, and get some face-to-face time with the connections you’ve made. There’s too much much talk and not enough action these days – so often because we’re so busy building our own communities rather than developing connections that enable to us to really be helpful.

Surely all the talk of ‘social’ needs to come around into this?

Archived Comments

  • Ricardo Bueno

    Re: “get some face-to-face time with the connections you’ve made.”

    I think social media, the connections we’re making, the conversation’s we’re having… It’s all sorta pointless if you’re not doing something to try and connect with people face to face. Simply put, face-to-face counts for a lot. As much as we connect day-in and day-out online, we should be making every effort to connect with individuals off-line to deepen/strengthen those relationships.

  • Scott Gould

    Im right with you on this one. We’ve got to get that face to face time in

  • Phil Rees

    I’m definitely building connections through the social media community. Connections helping people where I can and hopefully some helping me in return. Connections becoming face to face meetings helping plans and ideas become something tangible and real.

    Personally, I have a number of projects and plans simmering in the background. Connections made and ideas picked up through Like Minds have already brought the goal posts that much closer.

  • Scott Gould

    Thanks for the comment, Phil. Let me know how the plans develop through the like minded connections you’ve made

    We must also meet soon – when are you available?

  • Phil Rees

    Sure thing… Follow me back and fire over DM when you’re free.